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The prestige of the name and the history.

Take it to the next level by enrolling in the best Egyptian universities with international rankings and distinguished staff.

Advantages of studying in Egypt

Egyptian Universities

Egyptian universities are among the oldest and most prestigious universities in the Arab world, holding significant global rankings.

Technology and Modernity

Most Egyptian universities offer modern scientific, research, and technological resources.

Ease of registration, application, and equivalence procedures.
Visa and Residence

Obtaining a visa and residence permit throughout the learning period is relatively easy when enrolling in one of the Egyptian universities, in addition to exceptional benefits for international students such as discounts on transportation and recreational facilities.

The Tuition

The tuition fees are affordable and proportional to the academic programs, making them comparatively low-cost compared to other universities in the Arab world.

Life and Environment

The Egyptian people are known for their kindness, light-heartedness, and generosity. There will be no obstacles to integration and coexistence in a country like Egypt.

With simple steps,
you will become a graduate of one of the most prestigious universities in the Arab world.

Best Five Public University in Egypt

1. Cairo University

2. Alexandria University

3. Ain Shams University

4. Al Mansoura University

5. Al Minia University

Best Five Private University in Egypt

1. AUC – The American University in Cairo

2. FUE – Future University in Egypt

3. MTI – Modern University for Technology & Information

4. BUE – The British University in Egypt

5. Nile University

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