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In line with the vision of the UAE government We work to provide interactive and thoughtful programs to help people of determination overcome life’s obstacles, preserve their full rights and freedoms, and develop themselves.

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They found jobs

The training courses helped them find job opportunities that match their specializations.


Positive influence

From the total number of trainees, they informed us about the positive impact of the training content on their lives in general.



They desire or recommend subscribing to more services and enrolling in additional training courses.


Great Success

They succeeded in international scientific examinations thanks to the programs and training services provided.

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About our clients

Check out customer reviews to get an idea of how good our services are.

Aliaa Majeed Mulla Business Manager

I'm truly impressed by the Tawteen Institute for Training and Consultation. The quality of their courses is exceptional, and the staff's professionalism and friendliness are remarkable. Highly recommended!

Saeed Khalaf Dev Consultant

The instructors at the institute are awesome! They have a knack for teaching in a way that's super engaging. They make complex concepts easy to understand, and it's made a huge difference in my learning. Big shoutout to them for making knowledge fun and exciting!

Ali Salem Nasser Project Manager

The interactive and comfortable training sessions have been amazing! I love how the institute incorporates interactive activities that keep us engaged and create a comfortable learning environment. It's been a fantastic experience!.

Zahar Shakrian CEO

Kudos to the incredible efforts in raising the bar of knowledge and learning methods. Your commitment to improving education is inspiring, and it's making a real difference in fostering intellectual growth. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to advancing knowledge and enriching education.

Fatemah Muhseen Duhia Team Leader

The Zoom sessions are fun, easily accessible, and reviewable, making learning a breeze. Kudos to the team for creating an engaging and user-friendly virtual learning experience!

Maria Sallum Business Transaction Manager

I am sure that behind this performance is a great team. Thank you for your efforts and to everyone who contributed to the education process in the beloved United Arab Emirates.

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