About us

Tawteen Training and Consultancy

Tawteen Training and Consulting is an Emirati institution that seeks to be an effective strategic partner that contributes to the progress and prosperity of this country .. by developing the skills of human cadres and increasing their efficiency and effectiveness to be able to develop their scientific and professional future, by bridging the gap between theoretical and applied study in order to achieve sustainable development as one of the requirements And the policy directions of the United Arab Emirates. And to face the challenges of inadequate education outputs with the needs of the future labor market. That is why our motto was (Localize your guide for a privileged future)

Providing our services at the highest level of technology and efficiency, which meets the interests and needs of human cadres and their professional aspirations to achieve a better future.

The industry of institutional excellence by developing the professional performance of the citizens of the United Arab Emirates and all target groups in various scientific and practical fields.

We seek to be the first choice for those looking for excellence by deepening the training impact and focusing on the use and application of modern training methods in accordance with international standards approved in the largest global training institutes.