Professional Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

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Information Technology


  • Lectures 30
  • Quizzes 4
  • Duration 60 hours
  • Skill level Advanced
  • Language Arabic / English
  • Assessments Yes
Course Description

The AI program displays a uniform and coherent picture of the field. The content focuses on promising topics and techniques for building and analyzing current and future smart systems. It covers the latest and most effective technologies to solve real problems. The leading technologies in artificial intelligence are introduced to design the smart agent and allow students to understand smart agents from simple elements, to the other advanced ones with natural language and educational capabilities.

Learning Outcomes
  • Design user interfaces to improve human–AI interaction and real-time decision-making.
  • Evaluate the advantages, disadvantages, challenges, and ramifications of human–AI augmentation.
  • Design and develop symbiotic human–AI systems that balance the information processing power of computational systems with human intelligence and decision making.
  • Explain the benefits, limitations, and tradeoffs of designing engaging and ethical conversational user interactions, including those supported by chatbots, smart speakers, and other AI-driven, voice-based technologies.
  • Design and evaluate conversational interfaces for different users and contexts of use.